© Janet  R Schwartz PhotoID# 14331582: Perambulation #5 Mathematical Art
As a computer scientist, I have long been fascinated with the intersection of art, mathematics, and computer science. Abstract visual artists who have enlightened and inspired me include the artists Josef Albers, Ellsworth Kelly, and Piet Mondrian. Recently, I have written software specifically for generating mathematically oriented abstract art. The software uses geometric transformations as its underlying principle, while also allowing for the precise specification of color, texture, and opacity; it has a rich, descriptive input language as well as a high quality rendering engine. This software has enabled me to explore abstract, mathematically oriented art which computer generation makes feasible.

© Janet  R Schwartz PhotoID# 10398586: Newport 13 Nautical Textures
Texture -- "the appearance and feel of a surface."

I have always been a tactile person. I enjoy not only the feel of a variety of surfaces but also the very thought of feeling a surface from its visual appearance alone. At the same time, I am drawn to abstract images with a strong graphical component. Many of the black and white photographs by Aaron Siskind come to mind; the images are not only abstract but also exhibit texture that plays a prominent role. These photographs have been an inspiration. However for me, color adds another representational dimension and deepens the emotional response.

© Janet  R Schwartz PhotoID# 13591495: Anther of <i>Camelia sasanqua</i> Photomacrography
These images show subjects at greater than 1X magnification. Because depth of field is very narrow at these magnifications, multiple photographs at successive focal planes were combined with specialized software to create these images; some images required more than 100 photographs to create. The total magnification to the viewer is noted under each image with an assumed image size of 8 inches for the longest dimesion.

© Janet  R Schwartz PhotoID# 10258755: Hosta Leaf Botanical Abstracts


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